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James Guglielmo: Guestbook

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Mark Rogers

July 19, 2016

I listened to "When You Sing those Old Songs" today. All I can say is..."SINATRA LIVES!!"

Marilyn Bloch

May 25, 2016

I studied under Prof. Pleskow at CW Post college after I received my BA in Speech from Adelphi, and I found your song so inspirational and beautiful.

Sandra Markcrow

March 15, 2016

Thank you James for the opportunity to hear your compositions and to hear your beautiful voice. When I listen to you sing, I can hear Frank Sinatra but your voice is better, richer, deeper tones and you tell the story better. I have just recently signed up to the Singing Zone with Per and this is how I came to know about you. Your story is inspiring. I am 50 and have played many musical instruments over the years but never have I learnt how to sing. Having a musical background is helping and I hope to one day sing as well as you. Thank you again. :-)


December 21, 2015

I like both versions too but I perefr the second one. Not because I think it's better but because it gives me a better idea of what you are capable of when you are feeling confident and want to take the music where it leads you. You HAVE to do something with that voice – it's special and you have the ear'.


December 4, 2015

James your music touched my heart. I look forward to hearing more of your songs . Please put more of your music on I tunes. And let me know when it is available. Thank You So Much


October 21, 2015

I love this song. And I'm 14. Many might expect that I'm to young for this but I pretty much mostly listen to Christmas music


October 7, 2015

Oh James, the feelings you have expressed in music and in singing your music was a delight to enjoy !!! Thank you for sharing with us.
My voice needs so much work even though I have learned a lot these past three years. In our area we have a Chorus of ladies in 4 part harmony-we are The ZOOpendous Show Chorus! Our Director is Ms Beverly Dale-who is so talented. Bev has been very understanding of myself and some others who do not read music in working to learn the songs we do. Your video, made with Per, has helped me learn some things about my singing voice. Thank you for sharing your story. My admiration of your talent has got me thinking about how I will be able to help myself sing better. Thank you, BjT

Ken Taylor

September 14, 2015

James, I'm 71 and taking singing lessons from Per and just listened to your song. It was fantastic! loved the lyrics, the instrumental, the singing. Thanks for sharing.

Imelda Majtenyi

August 24, 2015

Congratulations James, such beautiful music, such talent! It just shows that we are never too old to try singing. I always enjoyed singing for myself since I was 10. Finally, at the age of 65, I decided I have enough confidence to join the church choir. I even decided to take up a few singing lessons. I feel that it is the best thing I ever did for myself.

Rosalinda Clemente

August 17, 2015

Thank you for your music. I just love the old songs. I am not a professional singer, but had the chance to sing in church with the nuns and choir when I was younger. And for many years, I was contented merely listening to the beautiful music of yesterday. Now at 60, trying to re-visit singing. :) Thank you for the good old songs.

Carol Mayberry-Sanchez

August 3, 2015

I, too, am a seasoned musician/pianist/performer and composer who has sung very little. So refreshing to hear your melodic tunes! Your voice is great....keep it up. I invite you to visit my website

Ellen Capel

May 25, 2015

Dear James,
I am a singer/music teacher from Holland and I want to tell you that I'm very impressed by the way you sing your song it is to me from your heart into mine, it's the way music should be. Thank you.

Maria Lane

April 19, 2015

Your voice and songs sound great. Such a talent you have. Would like to buy CD. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Beatrice Becker

April 17, 2015

Thank you for the "old songs." I love to sing them and enjoyed very much your singing about them. Would love to find an open mic place in my area.

loes Snijders

April 17, 2015

Just started the day as usual, then you came along.
With that beautiful song, your voice stopped me in my tracks. Loved it. I still can't find my path since.
Thank you.

Carmen Alecia

April 16, 2015

Love your songs, love your voice.. thank you for your nice songs

Christina Strange

April 15, 2015

Absolutely marvelous music and lyrics!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!!

Sandy Nelson

April 15, 2015

Really enjoy your heart through your music

Cheryl Bryant

April 15, 2015

Thanks for sharing such a special gift!!! Gave me a big smile and good feelings!! Facebook is good for something....that's how I found you!

Kathy Vanest

April 14, 2015

Are you married? Available for a date? I love your voice!

Carol V

April 13, 2015

James.. Wow! I'm amazed at your wonderful voice. You are inspiring! Your interview with Per Bristow was great as well. I found this on FB and just happened to read it. Enjoyed the song you sang and hope to hear more in the future.. I'm of your era and it was pure bliss to hear your voice. Thanks


April 11, 2015

Just beautiful.

Barbara Flanery

April 10, 2015

Your voice is so beautiful. Do you have a CD out? How can I get your music?

Alexander Garcia

April 10, 2015


Gary Grossmann

April 8, 2015

I found that your voice is easy listening and flows with the music, reminds me of an early Frank Sinatra and the best thing is after hearing you sing the first few lines I found myself singing along with you. Thank you for a wonderful experience.


April 8, 2015

Music has no age, music has passion. Thank you so much.

Roy Andersen Photoraphy

April 6, 2015

Bravo James...beautiful...just think..your never too old to sing

Michael F Camille

March 11, 2015

G'Day James,
I have enjoyed your songs immensely specially your singing! We need more of the 'old songs' as you put it. They hold such meanings, such emotions, such memories of life's journey! Keep sing them. Best regards. Mike


March 2, 2015

Hi, James,

Listening to your music, I feel hugged by my best friend. Thank you!

Carol Pawlak

February 11, 2015

Hi there! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy this song!! I am a singer ... karaoke... I don't have a band or play an instrument...yet. I am working on a showcase for a senior group.
Is there a possibility of purchasing your music and lyrics to use? I think it would be a hit!! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful voice!! C

Greta Roan

February 9, 2015

Mr. James your gift of singing and writing music is straight from Daddy God in heaven! No one has ever brought me to teary eyes like your have. You are anointed by Daddy God to do what you're doing. Please do what you need to do in order to recording your music professionally. It will Bless people and minister to them like you would not believe. Before I gave my heart to Jesus, I could not sing. After he saved me, he gave me a voice that touches people's hearts in such a way that I pray are bringing them to the Savior's feet. Please use your gift to bring Glory to the name of Jesus!!!!!!

Gina Rocca

January 28, 2015

Mr. Guglielmo, You take me to the words "The song will sing itself" for you seem to open your mouth and let it flow out of you without any barrier, bump or rut to jar the ear....the "heart singing its own song". Thank you for sharing what feels precious.

Charlie Jones

December 20, 2014

Wow! I thought you sang with such feeling and conveyed a nostalgic appreciation for a song that captured the essence of Sinatra,Torme', Steve Lawrence,
Jack Jones. You are talented! Thank you. Let me know when you release you new song. I live in Las Vegas many years and have seen and heard the best. You've got it!


November 16, 2014

Greetings James,
You have such a young voice, it's beautiful. Also a talent for writing and playing the piano. Wow, what a gift!! Keep on doing what makes you happy! Hope to hear more of you! :) In the meantime, continue to be an inspiration to others. I know I am...inspired! Thank you.

Sandra Beckham

November 15, 2014


Deborah Lecuyer

November 11, 2014

i absolutely adore your music and your passion for it. Thank you.

Carol Schoenig

November 10, 2014

I love the song When we Sing those Old Songs, you sung it very well.

Your voice reminds me a little of Josh Groban. Do you have any albums?

Abbe Graber

November 10, 2014

Good morning Mr. Guglielmo,
I happened upon an interview you were doing w/ the Calif. voice instructor. I LOVE your song about singing the old songs, they saved my life and comforted me through many a valley, I am a great singer here in Woodstock, NY and dream of singing with a master such as yourself (with a really cool personality too). I have been singing most all my life and can honestly say it saved me from many a dark moment. Anyway, hope to meet you someday.
Thank you for your beautiful music and your voice is as good as any of the great crooners.
All my best,
Abbe "Miss G" Graber
I make the worlds greatest wooden kazoo and have been told that by many of the great musicians here in Woodstock.
ps. the kazoo is a singers instrument,, it is a vocal instrument,, you sing or vocalize into it. I make mine sound like a blues saxophone.

Nancy slager

November 9, 2014

thank you for your music. Love music from the heart.

rose coryea

November 8, 2014

This is fantastic Sir. Keep it up! I would like to hear you do an album!

Lester Schunk

November 8, 2014

Frank Sinatra's got nothing on you! Please let me know when you release a CD please!!! My kind of music!!!!!! Very passionate and melodic!!!! WOW!!!!!

Donna Miettunen

November 8, 2014

Wow! My heart feels your beat! Love your story and wish you God's blessings in your pursuit of music making. Long live NOTES!

pamela swanson

November 7, 2014

FB: pamela womack swanson
Love your attitude and talent thank you for sharing.
I have two bass, guitar and key board in my living room and have no idea how to play any of them. In my dreams Im always somewhere playing the keyboard..


November 6, 2014

You are and Oldie but Goody and a Keeper!! Enjoyed your song very much. Your Voice is your own and a love Ballard works great. I am Impressed. God Bless your new Destination!

Nicola Tomasini

November 6, 2014

You are an amazing talent. So happy to have come across your interview with The Singing Zone. Your voice is beautiful and you are an inspiration to those of us who are older and have such a desire to sing and express ourselves to the world. Blessing to you and many years of health, happiness, prosperity, and joy!!!

Glenn DeMilt

November 6, 2014

James, I just watched your interview on the Singing Zone and enjoyed it very much. I especially loved "When You Sing the Old Songs". What a lovely melody. I can picture Barry Manilow or Frank Sinatra,Jr. singing it. It would fit them like a glove. Great job, keep pluggin'.

Charleen Lang

November 6, 2014

Hello James, I was just watching an interview you did a few years ago. Your were trying to explain where the song 'Can't Get You Out of My Mind' came from and the gentleman cut you off. I would be real interested to find out. It is so hard and lonely to find a passionate love at our age and then have someone walk away. I can't talk to my kids or friends they just think I am foolish. Your song let me know others know how I feel. So thank you for putting it on paper. Also I love your voice. It is soft, gentle and full of life's experiences. God's blessing to you and yours.

Kim Clifton

November 6, 2014

Hi James, love - When you sing those old Songs - Thank you.. I would like to add it to my repertoire with your story- on my next visit to mike night in NZ Dunedin. Cheers for the inspirational sharing, composing and singing
yours fellow songwriter Kim

Leona Rund Zions (LeeZee)

November 5, 2014

James: I've been listening to and singing along with the two songs posted here and thoroughly enjoying the journey through these lyrics. I have a few years on you (79), but my voice sounds as youthful as yours. We are blessed. I do Cabaret here in Chicago, honoring American Song Book, but imbued with my lifetime of experiences and memories. Your songs have the same subtle flavor. I would love to bring them to the intimate setting of a Cabaret performance. Is that possible? I hope this note finds you well and still productive. Music keeps the juices flowing.

Adeline D'Elia Patel

November 4, 2014

I love love love your voice! beautiful!


October 25, 2014

Honest, simple, inspirational, classy. Happy to come across you! Per Bristow is something wonderful, connecting the world of singers together and improving everyone along the way. Life coach, vocal coach. These are inseparable. Your voice fits your music style. I'm glad you're not held back by timidity. Thank you for sharing your voice with us. God bless you!

Carolann Ruthenberg

October 7, 2014

Are you kidding need to record record record....and sell your CD online. Also, you really need to audition for the America's Got Talent TV program now accepting uploads on line James. Truly you are wonderful.


October 3, 2014

I must say I am disappointed that you have a web page that you are not updating with info about what you are doing. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? and some other tunes would be nice to hear. Disappointed fan. Kate


September 23, 2014

My soul and it,s tunes had been on a low key for a few hour,s ! This morning at 07-00 september 24,my soul got too be tuned up and singing again. Thank you James.

Sandra Rangel Celio

September 7, 2014

WOW ,, Very nice voice it it up .
My husband was like WOW too


Ben Groesbeck

September 2, 2014

Great voice, you sound like Frank Sinatra, one of my favorites. I am a guy going on ninety and appreciate good music.

Bruce Russell

August 15, 2014

Who is this incredible singer Dale Martin?... I can not find any references to him on the internet or any other music by him and I really love his the combo of his voice and your songs...aloha, Bruce

Fred Tello

August 9, 2014

Did you ever tryout for America's Got Talent?

What a great voice and song. Congratulations....

RD Alderton

August 6, 2014

Loved your song "When You Sing Those Old Songs".
Is it possible to get a accompaniment copy of the song?

James Ranton

July 31, 2014

Love your work. I am 64 myself and just retired from road work with Russell Tompkins Jr Stylistics after many years. Hope to the same thing you are doing now one day. God Bless you.


July 27, 2014

Your songs are exquisite. I would love to hear them in a female voice as well as a duet in harmony. Your sensitivity is beautiful.
Thank you for sharing your gift of music.
I would love to sing your songs too. I can feel them.

Peter Heath

July 21, 2014

James, you are hot.

Carol Caloro

July 11, 2014

Incredible talent. You touch my heart.

Christine Douglas

July 7, 2014

wow you are just amazing James, i really enjoy listening to you your voice is soothing the the ears hope to hear more of you, stay bless

Danilo Mendoza

June 27, 2014

Amazing voice, James your voice is awesome,wonderful and beautiful. God gave you the talent and gift. Keep up your good and fine work .Why don't you try composing and writing gospel song to praise the lord.

Leon Turner

May 29, 2014


Pierre Voyer

May 18, 2014

Very impressing James love your voice you sing very very well. Where can i buy your cd? Congrat and keep up your beautiful work.


May 11, 2014

James I loved the simplicity of your words. Congratulations on your gifts, singing, writing and playing. I have just started writing lyrics, but music I have not mastered. Your perseverance has gained honour. Kate


May 9, 2014

I love your music it reminds me of James Bond movies

Anthony Fraser

May 9, 2014

Congratulations on a fine body of compositional work and also on the recent development of your fine singing voice. I am a composer, musician and band member in Australia, but I have yet to "discover", or should I say "develop" my singing voice. I must say however, that you have given me the inspiration to make a greater effort in that direction. keep up the good work James and most of all, keep enjoying your music. Good luck and best wishes from Australia.

Ron Goodwin

May 7, 2014


Lee Smith

April 24, 2014

When We Sing Those Old Songs touched me because the old songs bring back such memories from my past. I love them, and now I love hearing your song. Thank You for sharing. You have conquered a beautiful voice.

Lynne Peters

April 21, 2014

Have just enjoyed your inspiring interview with Per Bristow. What a fabulous voice you have 'discovered'. The songs you have posted here are fabulous too!! Would like to have a whole album of them!!..I am a prof singer and would certainly enjoy singing them. May you long continue singing and composing...


April 15, 2014

Just popped across here from watching your interview with Per and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it and how moved I was by your singing and your reflections on life and the singing process. Thank you. So glad you, your voice and your music are out there!

Edna Jo, California

April 11, 2014

Indeed you have a very nice calm, and very soothing voice. The lyrics of the 3 songs you composed are wonderful. Perhaps one day you will have a CD album that you can share to the world of music lovers. Your voice will take you to the new American Idol or X-Factor. Thanks a million for sharing your talent, a legacy that I'm sure will live on forever. Congratulations for being a great composer and a great singer-vocalist.



April 9, 2014

I just have to tell you that I was playing your songs and my daughter came out and asked my why I was listening to Josh Groban!

I love your music! The melodies are so romantic, and the lyrics are so meaningful. So many songs these days have words that don't really make any sense, or if they do, they are not very nice.

Brenda Fleming

April 1, 2014

I loved hearing your singing of "When You Sing Those Old Songs". I agree, you sound much like old blue eyes himself. First of all the old songs are the best songs, although once in a while someone will come up with a good one. I used to sing and seem to "squeeze" things through my vocal chords now!
Maybe there's hope for me at 74, ya think?

Max Braniff-Whitehouse

March 17, 2014

Hi James,
I loved what I saw and heard on the Per Bristow interview. I have been a professional singer/entertainer for 55 years and I am still listening and learning every day. I have just loaded your website to my favourites and will visit often.
Have a listen and view my website here:
Max Braniff-Whitehouse


March 16, 2014

Hello James,

What a gift you are sharing. I know of a couple that is facing some health problems. They will soon be parted after 49 years &8 months & may to see 50 together. I will be getting your CD as a gift to them. THANK YOU!!!!


March 1, 2014

I love your song & you sing wonderfully! :-)


February 18, 2014

You do exquisite work. How does a person get a copy of the music?

anthony tosti

February 17, 2014

Carissimo Maestro,
Wonderful interview with Per. Inspired me to get his course. Do your have sheet music for purchase of
your compositions? Please advise.
Anthony Yosti

Jonathan Yoshioka

February 16, 2014

You sound somewhat like Frank Sinatra. Very nice!

Paul Enockson

February 10, 2014

My wife and I watched your interview with Per and then listened to your song> We both loved it!! I am 75 years young and 2 years ago went back to the guitar (never really could play) and was able to get involved in a "weekly jam session" ^ months later I was singing and playing (open mike) at a senior center. I would love to learn to play and sing your song. could I get the chords to it? I also love your statement "A song is a friend ... it's there for you to love... if you want to. Thanks so much!


February 10, 2014

You have such a lovely voice, James! Your compositions are excellent, too. Keep the music flowing!


February 9, 2014

Congratulations on finding your voice! something I have always wanted to do. I very much enjoyed your story and your song. :-)

Anthony C

February 7, 2014

WOW !!! You knocked me out !!! "When You Sing Those Old Songs"


February 4, 2014

James, you have a lovely voice and your songs are so inspirational, keep it that way and when you get a chance, please let me hear some more of your art!

All the best


January 30, 2014

WOW ! What a great song and voice! You are a blessing to so many with your music. As you and Per were discussing your work and you said you stopped writing for the music trend and that freed you up to create what God has for you to create! WE are all here to give to humanity and your music is so uplifting and beautiful it is doing Gods work! Blessings to you and yours... L

Norman Kenny

January 23, 2014

After all these years you were hiding that beautiful voice,now I am glad that finally did it my gosh! you are amazing WTG James wish I could sing one of your songs ...take care Cheers!!! Norman

Paz Ravadilla

January 22, 2014

Amazing! Your beautiful and meaningful compositions have touched my heart. And your singing voice - so cool, dreamlike and lovely. Makes one fall in love again....:) You remind me so much of Frank Sinatra. Hope your songs will find their way on the airwaves, if they haven't yet. Congratulations! You're a genius.

Bob White

January 22, 2014

Like everyone else, I too like listening to you sing … nothing like being able to so easily take your "instrument" with you wherever you go! [BTW, to me you sound a lot like Andy Williams, who I also enjoy hearing] I am in the process of memorizing all my favorite hymns … it's nice when you know all the words and can just sing them (for yourself or someone else) any time you feel like it, or have the occasion! Singing truly thrills my soul (and I'm sure you know what I mean). Keep it up!


January 19, 2014

Hello James,
I was listening to you singing i just could not believe my ears,,,wow your so professional about your singing love the voice and vocals
rendition to ,,you sound Fabulous,,I to love to
sing and spend lots of time singing on my user name is cannotsing24
doing a lot of yoga ,keep a clean and healthy mind cause i just want to be like you,,,take care
i love your voice,,,your fan


January 19, 2014

Love your voice. Glad you are singing now, beautiful!


January 16, 2014

I closed my eyes while listening to you sing this song and felt I was listening to Sinatra only better. This actually gave me chills. Beautiful and meaningful song and a beautiful voice singing it.

Paulo M. Medeiros

January 1, 2014

Beautiful softly sound and by all means Fantastically done. Pls let us hear more from your art.

Dianne LaTour

December 3, 2013

What an inspiration and such a wonderful voice, I was touched your inner beauty as well, to compose and create is a talent, but to share is a gift of legacy you leave forever. It has given me alot to think about.....thankyou.

michael porter

December 2, 2013

Just had the pleasure of watching and listening to you interview with your voice teacher. I am going to try and get the voice course when I can. I'm 67 in Feb. Love your music. Thought I would share a little sample of my music. My wife and I wrote it and I sang it. Did not play any of the instruments.
Michael Porter

Gene Henley

November 30, 2013

Life is what we make it.
82 years and loving it.


November 18, 2013

I'm really empressed with you. I'm considering taking Pers Freedom Course after hearing you sing. I would love an oppertunit y to sing some of your songs. Where can I go to hear all your works? Do you have another website?

God Bless You,
"Steven J"
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